eBook chatbot with Laravel Botman Studio and Dialogflow

Step by step to build your virtual assistant

In this eBook I present to you a practical approach to implement your first chatbot.

For this I use the Laravel and Botman frameworks to create a fully functional chatbot.

In addition, I show you how to do a basic integration with Dialogflow, a Google product that offers natural language processing services for use in virtual assistants.

It is also shown in this book are some techniques and suggestions for using Laravel, including how to prepare the application for use in multiple languages.

It is a book for beginners and its goal is to present, in an introductory and superficial but practical way, some chatbots and NLP concepts, as well as Laravel, Botman and Dialogflow.

The e-book is in the Amazon Kindle store, but to read it, it is not necessary to have the device, as Amazon makes reading available on other platforms through the use of appropriate applications.

The source code is available on my GitHub repository: https://github.com/ewertonvaz/lvchatbot-en

If you want to implement your first chatbot READ this book and LEARN how to create a chatbot using the Laravel and Botman frameworks.